Wednesday, 30 May 2012



So, as I mentioned in my last post, I recently spent aaaaaalll of my money (by the end I had literally £2 in the bank) and I thought it might be worth making a post on it. I bought, more than anything, a LOT of shoes, all of which I have a lot to say so it seems I'm going to have to make an entire post on shoes, oh what a shame!
Ok, I had a huge shoefest as ASOS where i got these two babies:
theses ones which i had been drooling over on the internet for a good few months and at a price of only £25 i thought that was rather good, considering they are make of a velvety material (very much doubt it's real velvet) and are a new, unusual type of shoe. Usually you only see nice flatforms by designers which i can no way afford, so
 I was very surprised to come across such a beautiful pair at such a good price! When they arrived, it has to be said, I was a little bit disappointed. The flatform part of them is probably over an inch or 2 (not good with measurements, sorry!) and they are very clumpy. For a while I wanted to take them back because I'm finding them very difficult to style. But I've decided to keep them as they are very beautiful and unique (I am always always always looking for unique items like these). Here are some photos of my DINO velvet flatform trainers:
The next pair of shoes I bought from ASOS were a pair of vintage-style chelsea boots that are not like any of the others that I have seen. Normally, they have that huge U-shape patch of stretchy fabric on the side which I really am not in to, however these ones that I found have them in a triangular tooth shape which makes it look less noticeable, as I was dying for a new pair of black ankle boots since mine died on me. And here they are, in all their glory.
Yes, I realise that £32 is a lot of money, but they're so unique, great quality and I'm going to get soooo much use out of them. I find them so easy to style as they go with pretty much everything and they're super comfy. Here's a pic of mine ( which by the way arrived in only 2 working days!! Very pleased with that!) : 
Sorry about the quality of the photo! You can't see here, but they have a heel of just less than an inch which gives me a little lift. One downside though: I have only worn these once (granted it was a very long day when I did a fair bit of walking around) the stretchy fabric has stretched quite a bit, making the top of it all wiggly. Bit annoying.

On to the next pair of shoes, which I bought from eBay. After reading the Hunger Games a while back, I became OBSESSED and bought some Katniss-like designer boots from TK Maxx which were half a size too small for me and I ended up having to return them because the seams tore apart (Yes, I loved them so much that I was willing to put my feet through agony every day just to wear them). Ever since then, I have been on the constant look out for a similar pair which a few weeks ago I found on eBay for about £15 cheaper than the ones I'd bought from TK Maxx. They are so so beautiful, brand new and never been worn, and originally from River Island so I know that they're good quality.

They arrived in only 2 days (brilliant for ebay!) and are the perfect length for my short legs! Also, they are really leather and great quality. However, the one day that I've worn them to school, for some reason I didn't wear socks, BIG NO! I got 3 blisters and ran home to put on a pair of socks. I'll be wearing these again, but this time with socks. I'd put up a picture of what they look like on, but as you can imagine they take quiiiittte a while!

Onto the last pair of shoes, from my new favourite shoe website: which my friend introduced me to and I am so grateful now! Here they are and they first caught my eye when I saw Beyonce wearing a pair in leopard print and as luck may have it, while scrolling through this site, they had the shoes that I had been desperate for for so long! And guess what?! Charlotte Olympia do a pair for £485 and I got mine for £20.99! They are so convenient, go with so much and I get a lot of compliments on them whenever I wear them to school and I'm tempted to get them in leopard print too. You can get them in black (mine), orange, pink, red, cream and leopard print. They are a great little find at a fantastic price compared to Charlotte Olympia's (and mine are prettier hehehe). Here's a picture of me wearing mine: 

To be continued...mwahahah

New to this

Hi everyone,
I have always been very interested in fashion and recently I blew all of my savings for the last 2 years on clothes ... oops. I really felt like it's such a big thing for me - as i had been planning what i'd buy for months and saving up since my birthday a couple of years ago. I thought about creating a youtube vlog about it because it would be easier but to tell you the truth I'm a little too embarrassed and don't have a good enough camera. So, without further ado... here is my blog. Not really sure where I got the name from, just thought it was kind of appropriate as I'm always seeing things on other people and I just think 'I have to have that!', and that's basically the majority of my thoughts...